Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Lovely harbour Hobart, Tasmania

Tasmania is an island state of Australia, southern tip of the country.
About 150 miles south of Melbourne.

It is famous for it's pristine beauty of nature.
Capital of Tasmania is Hobart and this is our first port of call.

It is February, heading fast to the end of Summer when we took the cruise.

In Sydney, temperature soared to 45C (113F) today.
We are so relieved that we are not in Sydney. ^^;

It is overcast with bit of rain here.
We actually needed a jacket when we got off this morning.

Most probably, the biggest outdoor market in Australia is here.
Salamanca Saturday market.
And it's Saturday today.
Lucky us!

On top of that, there is wooden boat show on the harbour
that attracts thousands of tourist.
Number of passengers from the ship alone is more than 4,000!

No wonder the harbour is so crowded!
But it's cheerful and full of vive atmosphere that we enjoyed.

I could not believe my eyes when I spotted a friend in that crowd!
It is Paul who lives in Canberra.
We have met about a year ago 
during South Asian cruise and became good friends.
What a small world!

We were introduced to his brother in-law 
who was participating the wooden boat show.
So we had an opportunity to be on his boat and had chat.

We accidentally found another market 
when we were wondering around the city after Salamanca market.

Rather small but vendors are lovely and small food court was nice.

Oysters anyone?

Needless to say about freshness of these products.

It turned out be a very nice day and 
we dock here for another day.

This lady on a boat is playing organ and singing 
while hundreds of people are enjoying...

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