Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Cozumel, Mexico! We shall come back soon. Allure of the seas

Big pier for mega tonnage cruise ships

Allure of the Seas in Cozumel 

Another cruise liner anchored in the bay 

As we have not booked any shore excursion today,
we just decided to walk around the pier.
Hoping that we could find a beach around promenade.

This promenade is quite long.

It is very nice to walk along the promenade with full
of souvenir shops, restaurants and street arts.

Forum is the big plaza.
The centre of the commercial area.

We found free wi fi while we were browsing this shop.
Quick time for Facebook upload. ^^

This shop is quite big selling not only souvenirs but local booze.

Beautiful turquoise colour of water but we could not go in
as there are sharp rocks under the water.

I am sure there are nice beaches somewhere else for swimming 
and I suspect
the most of them are all in private resort hotels.

Tequila & Rum tasting 


It is very nice and fun place as well...

We just had the most delicious Mexican food for lunch.
Chicken burritos, Guacamole and Beef Taco...
We are in Mexico, aren't we?

We came back to the ship after leisurely half a day with lots of walk.

We are leaving our last port of call for this short cruise
but I regret that we didn't take any tour to adventure
this beautiful place even though we had a nice day.

It was my first visit here.

Oh well, it will have to be a next time.

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